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Add items into the card holder front of your wallet.

Add items into the card holder front of your wallet.

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1.Add this listing to your shopping cart

2. Add a wallet of your choice from this shop (TurtleVillageKraft) to your shopping cart

3. Purchase the TWO listings at the same time.

4. You will be notified by email that your purchase was successful.

Thank you !


If I want to buy one of your wallets that has the photo ID window on the left and three card holders can I still use this listing ?

A. Yes you can but the items will only be on the right hand side which has the card holders.

Can I add this icons listing and the map or rupees, both inside my wallet ?

A. Yes, you can have the game equipment icons and th either the rupees, or the map inside your wallet, that's cool.

Can I add my own image, a custom image instead of the one shown in the listing photos ?

A. Yes you can, press the "ask the seller" button to start a conversation with me, using the Etsy messenger system you can send emails with up to 3 picture attachments per sent message,

As a guide the space for each picture is 9.5cm x 4.5cm (metric), which is 3.7" x 1.7" (imperial).

This listing and pictures titles and description are sole rights Intellectual property of Turtlevillagekraft.
This listing and the photographs used in it, the description and titles are copyrighted and will not be found on any other retail websites except
Attempted copying or drop shipping or use of my photographs in this listing or the listing title itself is not permitted and will be be perused by our legal team.
This work and others owned TurtleVillageKraft are protected under IP and copyright law.

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