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Majoras Ghost Butterfly - Mask leather wallet- Leather Bifold Wallet - Handcrafted Legend of Zelda Wallet - Link Wallet

Majoras Ghost Butterfly - Mask leather wallet- Leather Bifold Wallet - Handcrafted Legend of Zelda Wallet - Link Wallet

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This species of Butterfly is located exclusively in the land of Termina. Because of the striking eye pattern on its wings and close resemblance to the legendary Majora’s Mask it has very few predators in its adult form. Few people have been able to observe and document this species in the wild because the wing pattern is said to drive people mad.

It is said that when the hero Link defeated the evil entity Majora’s wrath, that the parasitic mask broke and dispersed into the surrounding area. Legend has it that the evil magic still contained within these lost pieces seeped into the land; effecting plant life and wild life alike. An explanation as to why this species of Butterfly holds a striking resemblance to the fabled mask.

Surreal image. Majora Ghost skull/Butterfly
After staring intensely at the butterfly for a few minutes the eyes stare back into you and the you realize it is the soul imprint of the skinless skull face of a demon Majora, that was hiding inside the Mask, it grins bearing hundreds of jagged teeth.
Inspired by the Legend of Zelda.

Inside Choice:
You can choose one of the two options that are shown in the listing pictures for the inside of your the wallet (leave a message to the seller at the checkout to state which option you would prefer)


1. Photo ID and zipped coin holder and 3x card holders and note sections
2. 6x card holders and several note sections

9.5cm x 12 cm

additional add on:

purchase this listing in addition to your wallet to have a painted map of Ocarina of Time Hyrule inside the note section of your wallet.

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