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Medieval manuscript pokealchemy -3D textured surface - Hand stamped -Bulbasaur transmutations-evolutions - Leather Wallet - Handcrafted

Medieval manuscript pokealchemy -3D textured surface - Hand stamped -Bulbasaur transmutations-evolutions - Leather Wallet - Handcrafted

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Inspired by medieval manuscripts that were illuminated with humorous marginalia animals. The wallet is hand crafted.

Translated from latin, the script inside the wallet note section and on the right hand card holder pocket reads:

Bulb monster has three forms. It starts off its life as a hedgehog that rolls around on its back when it finds clusters of fallen fruit with the hopes that the fruits will stick to the spines on its back. It does this so that it may pick food off its back to eat at its own convenience. sometimes the hedgehog has mutagenic fruit stick to its spines. These grow special roots that connect to the hedgehog and the two animals join as a new species. The mutagenic plant gets to move freely around on the back of the bulb monster and the bulb monster gains protection from the plant that can release special attacks from its whip vines and from its pollen spores that can cause paralyses. A potion can be collected from the spores of the bulb monster which after processing can be made into a cure for paralysis.

If you like medieval manuscript drawings and would like different ones on your wallet, message me and we can make it just right for you !

Inside Choice:
You can choose one of the two options that are shown in the listing pictures for the inside of your the wallet (leave a message to the seller at the checkout to state which option you would prefer)


1. Photo ID and zipped coin holder and 3x card holders and note sections
2. 6x card holders and several note sections

Additonally you can select if you want to have the mauscript art in the wallet or no pictures, left plane black

9.5cm x 12 cm

This artwork is protected under creative commons 3.0 license 20/03/2022 not to be reproduced comercially without asking permission.

Legal Disclaimer:
This listing and pictures titles and description are sole rights Intellectual property of Turtlevillagekraft.
This listing and the photographs used in it, the description and titles are copyrighted and will not be found on any other retail websites except
Attempted copying or drop shipping or use of my photographs in this listing or the listing title itself is not permitted and will be be perused by our legal team.
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